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LMG '15 Faster. Farther. Fitter. 

What is it? 


The Spring LMG'15 Faster. Farther. Fitter. challenge is a great way to get started on the road to the health and fitness you've always desired. It will be a 6-week challenge with focus on nutrition, running, mobility, and more. 

When: Begins Monday, February 2nd. The Challenge will run from 2/2/15 to 3/13/15. We'd really like as many people as possible to participate in both the LMG and the Abingdon Shamrock 4 Miler on Friday, March 13th.

Who: Anybody! 

Why: To forge your way to peak fitness by helping you find a lifestyle of exercising and eating (not a diet). 

Cost: $10. We will donate at least $250 to the Abingdon Farmer's Market on behalf of all the members of IMCF. The rest of the money will go to prizes.

Contact us today at 276-492-8127 to schedule your FREE introductory class or find out more.

What do I eat? 


Generally speaking, eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruit, some starch and no sugar. However, no one "plan" fits all. The document below provides basic information on what to eat and what to avoid. But also check out our Nutrition page for a wealth of recipes, meal plans, and even shopping lists to help you get started. 

How do I score?

Scoring will be based on a number of factors. Rather than having overall winners this challenge, we will be looking for greatest gains in multiple categories: weight loss, running pace, etc. As always, the true 'winners' of the contest will be those who can transition from the Challenge to a balanced lifestyle, affording you the health and fitness that you desire. In other words, let's not fall off the Clean Eatin' Wagon ™ after the Challenge.


To keep track of your weekly progress, click here. 


If you need something to help you figure out your pacing, click here




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