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 10 reasons why you should consider joining Iron Mountain Fitness:

 1) Our instructors: Paul and Shelley Gadola. They not only know their stuff, but they consistently go out of their way for the IMCF family as well our local, Abingdon community. 

2) Focus on form. You can't get by very long with poor form. They teach you right, and help correct  you when you aren't getting it. They care about your safety. 
3) They take you where you're at. Whether you're 55 or 15, whether you're in shape or not, whether  you're wanting to lose weight or build muscle...or just be healthy, they'll do all they can to help you succeed.
4) It's not all about the WOD. They not only encourage fitness, but also healthy eating. Not "dieting," but a lifestyle of healthy choices that work for you long-term.

5) It's a great way to push toward peak fitness.

6) The community aspect. It's like a family. We push each other in the WODs, share recipes and inside jokes, pass on health tips, and even post pictures of our creative (and yummy) meals. 
7) The variety. In my first 6 months, I didn't do the same WOD twice.
8) Options. They want to make it work for you to come, so they have lots of class times. 
9) They are community-focused. Last LMG challenge, we donated a percentage of all money raised to the Abingdon Farmers Market.  They desire to promote and support local businesses, and they do what they can to make that happen.
10) Fun. Until you've tried it, you won't know how much fun working out can be!


Anna Burrill 


"If you hate your workout routine, you MUST check out Iron Mountain Fitness. It is the best workout I've ever tried. You will push yourself to limits you never thought you could defeat. I honestly have never been bored with it. Owners Paul Gadola and Shelley Gadola are dedicated to making you successful. I've lost 20 lbs and can do pull-ups again! . Check them out! You will be happy you did. First visit is free. Try it out! They're on Facebook too! And NO, I wasn't paid to do this. I just wanted to help them out and make sure THEY succeed. Give it a try!!!"


Kendall Johnson


"Recently, I decided it was high time for me to “get healthier,” after feeling blah for ~1yr, due to a combination of slower metabolism, low energy, injuries and resulting lowered activity levels, irregular hormone & sleep cycles, and general bouts of inflammation (remnant of lyme disease).


After reading up on the Fitness & Paleo lifestyles, I decided to try something completely different than my traditional diet and exercise plan (which has usually been focused on low fat, low processed foods with cardio-heavy work-outs and yoga), because the old way was clearly no longer working for me. I joined Iron Mountain Fitness and decided to challenge myself to live Paleo* for 90 days. It has been >6 months now, and judging by the rewarding results I am getting- I am here to stay.


 After 2 weeks- My cravings for sweets & grains vanished. I had conquered the dreaded late night snack attack and was feeling completely satiated with my meals. I no longer experienced “food comas” (that bloated, tired feeling after big meals). 


After 4 weeks- I noticed I was falling asleep more easily, sleeping more soundly and waking more rested. My recovery time after work-outs and general inflammation/ soreness improved dramatically. I began to develop muscles I had forgotten about & was feeling much stronger during work-outs.


After 6 weeks – 2 months- Big improvements in the condition of my skin and hair (from the high amounts of good fats – love that coconut oil!). I began to lose weight & noticed a change in the shape of my body; surprisingly with “belly fat” in my mid-section disappearing first. Monthly hormonal fluctuations and associated symptoms seemed to be much more regulated/ stabilized, and I noticed that my energy and mental focus consistently improved. People start commenting that I have a “CF glow.” I smile more.


3-6 months- I have dropped 20lbs & at least 2 dress sizes; but more importantly, I feel the strongest I have as an adult. I can do real push-ups and trust my body & mind to handle difficult physical challenges. I crave activity & feel competent to try new things. My tastebuds have changed- sweets are way too sweet and I notice that I feel tired & hungry soon after eating most “gluten.” I am beginning to think about long-term sustainability of this lifestyle, exploring incorporation of gluten-free grains, dairy, and other foods a bit more. Now that I am so much more aware of what is in the foods I eat and how they make me feel, the Paleo lifestyle, combined with CF work-outs, no longer feel like a challenge, but more like a choice that I intend to keep making.


I can’t thank Paul & Shelley and the entire IMCF family enough for providing this opportunity to me, and for their consistently calm, confidant, & unpretentious training style that keeps me excited about coming back and working my way toward peak fitness!"


Sincerely, Angie Watland (35 yrs old)