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Run Training Packages

Running may seem like a simple endeavor, but designing and implementing an effective training plan can be difficult. That's where we can help. We provide a structured plan designed to simultaneously increase your fitness while minimizing the chance of injury. All workouts are customized for your specific fitness level, experience and personal goals.

Tier 1
Run Programming
Weekly training workouts based on your individual goals and needs.
- Includes weekly running workouts.
- Includes weekly email communication and one phone call or FaceTime per month.
- Free initial consultation and assessment via phone.

12 Month Contract Price: $99
Month-to-Month Price: $135

Tier 2
Run coaching + 3 day per week Functional Fitness training at Iron Mountain Fitness of Abingdon, VA.

- Online FFP programming available. Please call or text 276-492-8127.
- FFP includes specific strength & mobility exercises that both help you as a runner and craft a total body fitness (wellness).
- FFP also includes daily warm-ups for before your run and 3 days of accessory and maintenance work.
See Price Chart below

Tier 3
All the above + Nutrition
12 Month Contract Price: $235 for run programming + local gym membership (Iron Mountain Fitness, Abingdon, VA).

Month-to-month: $265 with local gym membership

To get started with Run Training (Programming), please contact Coach Amy at:

Amy Rafalski Hamilton


- 276-202-6125

Amy's Bio:

Running is something I "fell into" after my collegiate athletic career came to a close.  I always loved to run and condition for sports but never dreamed it would become such a passion and desire in my life.  I raced all distances from the 5k to the marathon while growing and raising a family.

In 2011, I became serious about the marathon and wanted to focus on qualifying for the biggest race in the world, the Boston Marathon.  After a renewed commitment to training, I did just that! I also qualified for the NYC marathon and I was driven to grow even further as a runner and racer.  I knew in order to grow to my fullest potential I needed to find a coach, just like all the best runners in the world.  My work ethic combined with coaching guidance resulted in a 3:19 in the Richmond Marathon and further improved my successes by running times of 2:57 in Boston and 3:01 in NYC.  

I was at a high-point in my running when I faced a devastating health ordeal, which left me uncertain if i would be able to race again.   I had to start afresh from ground zero and work back to running.  In fact, at one point, I couldn't train on back to back days leaving me very worried about my future as a runner.  These difficult times gave me a humility for those that are trying to just start training from square one!   It is through life struggles that I found a love for another distance in running, that is on the trails and the ultra distances.  I decided to work towards racing ultras along with road races.  My journey has included incredible highs and lows but it has taught me how to help others train for goals that are lofty. 

I truly love to see others grow and accomplish goals and achieve maybe what seems impossible.  Having a run coach is a must and allows for structure, growth and the knowledge to find what works in your life to achieve your "best running plan" for you!  It also allows you to have accountability and someone that is supporting you in your journey.  I hope that I can be a vessel to those that desire to become their best in their running journey!



Boston 2013  2:57

NYC 2013  3:01

2013 Freedom Festival 5k  19:59 1st female 3rd overall

2019 Knoxville Marathon  3:13 4th female  (qualified and will be running Boston 2020)

2019 Dam Yeti 50 miler   6:57 1st female 3rd overall

2019 Rocky Branch 50k  1st female, 3rd overall

2019  Moonbow Ultra 50k  1st female 6th overall

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