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What is the WOD?

It is the “Workout of the Day.” This could be a workout from various websites, or something that we have developed here.  The WOD varies from day to day.  Only on rare occasions will you ever repeat a workout.


Do I have to be in shape first before starting?

No. Our classes are designed for athletes of all levels. Every workout is scalable or modifiable. We can reduce the load (weight), the amount of work (reps or rounds), the length of the workout, or change the exercise to something that you are ready to perform. Every workout is as hard as you make it.


Am I too old to start?

No. We emphasize functional movements (squatting, lifting, pushing & pulling) that are used in daily life. Again, we can modify or scale any movement or workout so that it is appropriate for your current fitness level. The philosophy behind your fitness program should be the same for your Grandma’s fitness program.



How often should I come in?

Some suggest that three days on and one day off produces the best results.  However, we realize that this is not feasible for everyone. ​

So how often should you come in?  We suggest at very least three times per week.  Honestly, it depends on your personal fitness goals and all the other factors that create our hectic lives.  We are happy to talk with you individually so you achieve the results that you would like.


How long is each class & what can I expect?

Each class is one hour long. The format for each class is as follows:

  •    15-20 minutes of warm-up and mobility

  •    10-15 minutes of strength training

  •    10-30 minutes of the workout of the day

  •    Remaining class time is cool down, skill work and more mobility


What is Mobility?

After warm-up, we concentrate on improving our flexibility.  Flexibility is the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint. We find that many people are restricted in their range of motion and because of this cannot obtain the correct mechanical position to complete the exercise (movement).  We use a variety of tools such as bands, lacrosse balls and even fellow athletes to help mobilize our tissues.


What time are your classes?
  •    6 am (Monday - Friday)

  •    8:30 am (Monday - Friday)

  •    4:30 (Monday-Thursday)

  •    5:30 pm (Monday - Friday)

  •    Open Gym (Saturday)


Do you have showers?

Yes, we have one private shower.


Will this help me lose weight?

Although our fitness program can help you change your body composition, losing weight is primarily nutrition-related.   We would say that it’s 80-90% nutrition with the remaining 10-20% a combination of genetics, environmental factors and exercise. You can't out-train a bad diet.

What should I eat?

Great question! We've got lots of great resources on our nutrition page, including a recipe for workout shakes


10 General Physical Skills

Cardio/Respiratory Endurance- Ability of body systems to gather, process and deliver oxygen.
Stamina- Ability of the body systems to process, deliver, store and utilize energy.
Strength- Ability of muscular unit, or combination of muscular units to apply force.
Flexibility- Ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.
Power- Ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.
Speed- Ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.
Coordination- Ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
Agility- Ability to minimize transition time from one movement to another.
Balance- Ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base.
Accuracy- Ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.
Basic Fitness Terms:

WOD:  Workout of the Day

AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – typically in a specified timeframe

As Rx’d:  As Prescribed – the suggested parameters for a given exercise (weight for example)

BW:  Body weight

CHIPPER:  A workout with many reps and many movements (you chip away at it)

DB: Dumbbell 

EMOM:  Every Minute on the Minute

MetCon:  Metabolic Conditioning

MOBWOD: Mobility and stretching work

PB:  Personal Best

PR:  Personal Record

RM: Repetition maximum – the most you can lift for a given number of repetitions

REP:  A repetition or one instance of a given exercise

ROM:  Range of Motion

Stabilize the midline:  Controlling the muscles around the spine to make it stable and strong during an exercise

TABATA:  A protocol of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, usually completed for 8 rounds

SET:  A group of repetitions




Fitness Movements:

(Click each move for demo video)


ABMAT: Abmat situp

AIR SQUAT (SQUAT): Body weight squat

BOX JUMP: An exercise where you jump onto and down from an elevated platform  

BP: Bench Press 

BS: Back Squat 

BURPEE: A push-up-jump combination move

C&J: Clean and Jerk 

CLN: Clean – Additional versions include Hang Clean, Power Clean, and Squat Clean

CU: Chin Up – Bar is held with palms facing you (supinated grip)

C2: Concept II rowing machine

CTB or C2B: Chest to Bar (as in pull ups)

DB: Dumbbell

DL: Deadlift 

DU’s: Double Unders – two turns of the jump rope per jump 

FS: Front Squat 

GHD: Glute-Hamstring Developer 
GHD BACK EXTENSIONS: Hips are immobile, back surrenders the lumbar curve under slow and controlled movement

GHD HIP EXTENSIONS: Hips are mobile, back remains arched


GLUTE BRIDGE: A stretch created by keeping feet and shoulders on the floor, squeezing the glute and pressing hips toward the ceiling.


HR: Hand-Release Pushups- Do a full pushup with chest touching the ground, then pull your hands up from the ground

HOLLOW ROCKS: Core strengthening exercise on the floor with body shaped like a crescent moon. With hands and legs stretched tall, rock back and forth keeping glutes and abs tight.

HSPU: Hand Stand Push-up


KB: Swing: Kettlebell Swing

K2E:  Knees to Elbows (similar to T2B)


MBC: Medicine Ball Cleans

MU: Muscle Up – A combination of a pull-up and a ring dip 

OHS:  Overhead Squat 

PISTOLS:  One-legged squats

PJ:  Push Jerk

PRESS: Strict shoulder press with no dip

PP:  Push Press - dip and press

PU:  Push Up or Pull Up

KIPPING/BUTTERFLY/BANDED PULLUP: Variations on the strict pullup


RING ROWS: Modified pull-ups keeping feet on the ground with straight body at an angle. 


SDLHP: Sumo Dead lift High Pull 

SNATCH: One of the most technical lifts. The bar starts on the ground and ends in overhead position, with wide grip. 

TGU:  Turkish Get Ups 

THRUSTERS:  A barbell combination move with a front squat followed by a thrust of the bar overhead at full extenstion.

T2B: Toes to Bar 

WALL BALLS: A squat and thrust move with weighted ball. Ball must hit "X" on wall, and squat must be below parallel each rep. 



1) Ab/Core/Hollow drills

    a. (sponge parallettes)

    b. (sponge rolls)

    c. (core/pull strength)

    d. (ab complex)

    e. (hollow complex)

    f. (hollow plank pops)

    g. (dynamic hollow pops)


2) Strict pull-ups

    a.  ( (build core/lat strength)

    b. (toe-assist)

    c. (rotating pulls)


3) Kipping/Butterfly pull-ups 

    a. (slow-mo kip)

    b. (feel the kip)

    c. (3 position kip)

    d. (feet together!)

    e. (feel the kip 2)


4) Ring muscle-ups 

    a. (4 drills with hollow)

    b. (snap to L hold)

    c. (pull strength) (pull strength 2)

    d. (Slow-mo)

    e. (transition drill)

    f. (3-position box drill)

    g. (negatives) (dip drills)

    h. (ring/box pull drill)

5) Bar muscle-ups

     a. (body shapes/progression)

     b. (with band)

     c. (Tip)

     d. (master the swing/pull)

6) Handstands

     a. (slider stability) 

     b. (press handstand with bench)

     c. (band)

     d. (abmat rockers)

     e. (scissors)

     f. (forearm stability)
     g. (slide away)
 (wall turns)

     h. (balance/control)

     i. (static/dynamic)

     j. (hollow plank to jump)


7) Handstand pushups

    a. (weight in hand instruction) 
    b. (box)

    c. (abmat rocks)

    d. (sponge control)

    e. (static/dynamic)


8) Toes to bar

     a. (head tip)

     b. (floor)

     c. (strict w/ support)
     d. (hanging support)

     e. (2 strict drills)

     f. (control swing drills)

     g. (fire those hip flexors)

     h. (drill sequence)


9) Rope/pull strength

     a. (Rope pulls from ground)

     b. (foot work using rig)

     c. (Toes to rope)

     d. (legless to feet)


10) Ring drills

     a. (Ring plank drill)

     b. (ring complex)


11) Pistols











Secure the bar: 

Shoulder stretches: 







    a. (push/dip drill)

    b. (round the ball)

    c. (shoot-throughs)

Fun stuff: (ice cream makers)





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